Dog Training with Jack

dog training with jack

Is your dog difficult to walk?

Won't stay or come?

Would you be interested if I could quickly and gently help you change all that?

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Lessons that are easy to follow, convenient and affordable. Lets get started!

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You have support on Facebook, go to PEACE OF MIND CANINE to ask questions and see regularly posted training tips. Video lessons can be purchased as a package or individually.Go at your own pace.

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Heel is a position by your side either walking or sitting. This is the fondation that teaches your dog how to learn. You will start a new listening relationship, your dog understanding the differance between "No" and "Good Dog" teaching your dog I love you when you do this!That is the Affection Connection.

Three video lessons

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Stay teaches self control and tolerance. This is a very important training tool. As well as great manners, teaching a two minute stay, and stay alone, with distraction, is excellant for desensitizing unwanted behaviours.

Two video lessons

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Down is a confidence builder. This is the only submissive position we ask the dog to be in. When your dog learns to lie down on command, in any circumstance they build the confidence to settle down and not feel vulnerable or subbmissive.

Three video lessons

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Come is safety. Everyone loves a dog that listens and that means coming when called. We imprint the come command from lesson one. Heel means come to my side, release after stay means come for play and affection, and now formal come command, plus fun excersises for conditioning a reliable habit of coming to you.

Two video lessons

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How to desensitize fear behaviours. Plus. Massage techniques to teach dogs of all ages to be handled with out getting mouthy and jumpy!

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the affection


Hi, Im Jack Crann and over the last twenty eight years I have sucessfully trained thousands of people and their dogs to have the enjoyable relationship they were looking for. When YOU become the dogs reward you develop that special bond so the dog is happy about listening, that is what I call the Affection Connection . It is impossible of course to fit all the information I would like into one program, these videos will give you everything you need to introduce and use the five basic commands. Using this program with a trainer or on your own will get the results your looking for. I am very excited to bring this program to you in an easy to follow and affordable format. Everyone loves a dog that listens!



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